Keep An Eye On CJ Miles

With the recent departure of coach Jerry Sloan keep an eye on CJ Miles’ minutes under new coach Tyrone Corbin.

Analysis: Despite only averaging twenty-three minutes a game C.J. Miles puts up a solid stat line- 12 PPG, 1.5 3PM, 1 SPG with a 78 FT% and .5 BPG. In deeper fantasy leagues we have to monitor his minutes and numbers under new coach Tyrone Corbin. Will the Jazz open it up a bit or play the same blue collar ball we are used to seeing? Miles is available in well over 90 percent of leagues nationwide so you have some time to see if his minutes and numbers bump up over the next few weeks. If he can get thirty minutes a game he quickly becomes more than solid in every category with the exception of assists and field goal percentage.

Projection: Expect more of the same from C.J. Miles if his minutes remain the same but if the bump up to thirty a game look for 15 PPG, 2 3PM and 1.5 SPG.

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