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fantasy points – FantasySP Blog

Introducing the Fantasy Feed

The Fantasy Feed is the single best way to keep track of your fantasy team and league.  The feed consists of various Cards that show important events that we feel you should know about. All of this information is broken down chronologically.

(The example below is for baseball, but we apply the same method to the NBA, NHL, and NFL.)

Think of it as a Facebook Feed, except for your fantasy team.  And yes, it is available on both or desktop site and mobile site.

My REAL fantasy feed as of today
My REAL fantasy feed as of today

Above is an example of what you’ll see, but you can also see a bigger version of it to see more examples of different Cards that come up.

Projection Cards

As I mentioned earlier, there are various types of News Cards that are shown.  One of the most important is the Projections Card (shown above).  It will project stats across various categories in your fantasy league.

The small line graph underneath each category shows where your team will fall in comparison to the rest of your league.  So if you look at the ERA in the Weekly Projection Card, you’ll notice that it is 2.54 and is among the best for the week.

On the flipside, you’ll notice that the RBI category is in red, which means I am not projected to do as well as other teams with 42.7 this week.

To see a more in-depth breakdown of the Projection Card, simply click on the Player Breakdown (to see your players) or Team Breakdown (to see other teams).

Other News Cards

There is A LOT of vital information on these Player Cards and we have a lot of different types.

You can see from the above example that the Waiver Card shows in depth information about a potential free agent in your fantasy league that we feel you should know about. We show you his Stats, Projections, Game Log, Own/Start trends, News, and even videos.

The full listing of News Cards include:

  • Projections (Weekly and Daily)
  • Stat Summary, showing a breakdown of yesterday’s stats
  • Player Alerts, showing important news for one of your players and potential waiver wire pickups
  • Hot/Cold, showing players who just became hot or cold
  • Transactions, showing the latest add/drops in your league
  • OWN Trends, showing significant drop or add trends for players you own

Wrap Up

The best way to see how useful and cool the Fantasy Feed is to try it out for yourself.  Sign Up for FantasySP if you haven’t already, and then sync your fantasy league. It’s completely free to try out.

We will automatically apply your league settings during the sync process for Yahoo, CBS, and ESPN leagues.  So go ahead and give it a shot.

The Fantasy Feed will provide different insights into your team that you haven’t seen before and it is a great compliment to our Fantasy Assistant, which helps you figure out optimal lineups, waivers, and lots more.

As an added bonus, here is what the Fantasy Feed might look like on our Mobile Site.

unnamed (1)

Optimal Fantasy Lineups

A few weeks ago we announced optimal daily lineups for FanDuel and Draftkings.  Today, we now offer optimal fantasy lineups for traditional weekly or daily fantasy leagues.  We are supporting NFL,MLB, NBA, and NHL leagues.

Load the Fantasy Assistant now to have a look!

How Does it Work?

Optimal Lineups are very simple to use, but incredibly powerful behind the scenes.  It works by comparing your starting lineup to your bench players.  We list any players we think should be replaced with tons of useful stats to go along with it.

We also list players who are expected to perform poorly and have no potential replacement.  If this happens, we suggest using our Find Free Agents section to get a good replacement.

Below is a real example from my Fantasy Baseball team.

Optimal Lineup
Optimal Lineup

Longtime members of the site will recognize the stats shown:

  • Own/Start Percentages for both players
  • Projected Points, with stats that are customized to your league
  • Scheduled games, and difficulty of matchups
  • The projected difference in points (for those in points leagues)

This can be an incredibly powerful tool for both weekly and daily lineups to see how your lineup stacks up against our suggestions.  If you have an optimal lineup set already, then we will inform you of that.

Enjoy Optimal lineups, and expect to see improvements and even more features this coming Fall.


Optimal Lineups for FanDuel & DraftKings

The time has finally arrived that we offer full support and optimal lineups for FanDuel & DraftKings for the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL sports.  This feature is already live in the Fantasy Assistant, so go ahead and give it a try.

The following examples are for baseball but the same concept applies to all sports.

Winning Daily Lineups & Projections

Our projections model has done wonders for traditional fantasy leagues, and now we are offering it up to Daily Cash Leagues for the first time.  Our projections provide a detailed account across various categories so you know exactly what to expect from each player.  You can sort by a specific stat, salary, best value per point, and much more.

Projections & matchup Difficulty
Projections & matchup Difficulty

Scheduled matchups are also incredibly important when trying to factor in who to start.  Players have difficulty ratings provided so you can see exactly how tough or easy each matchup is for the player.  As you can see from above, Anibal Sanchez is playing the Tigers, which is a favorable matchup based on the shades of green.  Green indicates below the league average and red indicates above the league average.  The darker the shade, the easier or more difficult the matchup.

As you might expect, we factor in the difficulty of the matchups into our projections model.

Optimized Lineups

Arguably the best feature that we offer is the ability to generate an optimized lineup.  Optimized lineups can be generated at any point in the lineup selection process.  You can select one player, no players, or somewhere in the middle and we will fill in the remaining slots to provide the most points.

Optimized Lineups
Optimized Lineups

So what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and utilize the Fantasy Assistant to create winning lineups.

How to Find Free Agents for your Fantasy Team

Anyone who has played fantasy sports realizes that the draft is just the beginning.    The hardest part is filling a quality roster throughout the season.   Injuries, suspensions, trades, and everything in between can happen during the fantasy season.  It’s no wonder that finding the best free agents can be so difficult.

The fantasy assistant now automatically lists the Top 3 Best Free Agents available for your league.  We support NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL fantasy leagues.  Just sync your league and load the fantasy assistant to see it for yourself.

Finding Free Agents
Finding Free Agents

The most important information for each free agent is listed so you don’t waste any time searching.  This section lists the Player Overview, Season Stats, Own & Start Percentages, Weekly or Daily Projections, and latest news from around the web.

The Top 3 Free Agents gets updated on a daily basis and the stats listed can be customized based on the categories that your fantasy league finds most important.

As an added bonus, you can also see your team’s worst players just underneath the Top 3 Free Agents.  The worst player’s on your team should be among the first you drop.

So what are you waiting for?  Jump in and Find Free Agents.

Pick Up Free Agents Based on Projections

Just a few weeks ago, we introduced you to our Player Projections.  Today we are excited to announce league-wide player projections in the Fantasy Assistant.  Our projections will support NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB fantasy leagues.  The best part is what you can do with our projections!

Our Projection model has gotten so good that you are now able to pick up free agents based on weekly or daily projections.

New Projections Area
New Projections Area

Our Projections area will feel a lot similar to our Waivers Research tool.  You can view projections based on position and then sort by “Free Agents”, “Entire League”, or “My Team”.

NBA Projections
NBA Projections

Projection categories can be customized to your fantasy league, so you only see the categories that matter to you.  Mouse Over the GP (Games Played) category to see that player’s full schedule for the week.

NHL Projections
NHL Projections
Projections NFL
NFL Projections

Baseball projections are not shown due to the off-season, but we offer them as well.

How to Use Projections

The biggest question is how you can use these projections to your advantage.  It’s important to look at the projections as a whole and compare where your player’s fit in across the entire league.  My quarterback is Tony Romo, and he is projected to be the 4th best this particular week, so I am certainly in good shape at the QB position.  If you are weak in the QB position, then sort by “Free Agents” to see which free agents are projected to have a better week than your player.

For fantasy football, you’d like to play the guy with the highest projected points for the week and has a good Trust Rating (75+).  It’s also important to look at their own/start percentages to see what other fantasy player’s are starting.

For example, right now Eli Manning has a low start percentage, but Odell Beckham is absolutely tearing up the league, so it’s no surprise that he has a great projection at home against the Eagles.

Hockey, Basketball, and Baseball

Using weekly or daily projections for the remaining fantasy sports can be extremely enlightening.  We are taking the guesswork out of how a player is likely to perform in a given day or week.

Most of these fantasy leagues tend to be category based rather than point based scoring, which means that how you perform across multiple categories is more important than overall fantasy points.

Tip #1.  Always look at scheduled games for the week.  Sometimes a player on your team will only have 2 games scheduled, whereas a free agent or bench player may have 4 games scheduled.  The player with the additional scheduled games may actually out perform your current slotted starter by looking at our projections.  Use this to your advantage and set your lineup accordingly.

Tip #2. Click on any category inside Projections to sort by it.  Categories mean everything in these fantasy leagues and it’s important to see what your player’s are projected to have in a category that you are struggling in.  If you see a free agent that’s better than your player, then read his latest news and decide if he’s worth the pickup.

Tip #3. Use Projections in conjunction with our Waiver research tool.  Our Waiver Research tool combines player performance with roster trends to show the best available free agents.  Research past performances and combine that with projections to get a better picture of players.

Tip #4. We offer Weekly Team Projections and Season Projections.  If you see that your weekly team projection is weak in specific categories, then alter your focus based on these projections.  If you are close in a category head-to-head matchup, then punt a specific category your are bad in and concentrate on winning a category you are good in.  Weekly Projections will show all of this for you.

Now get out there and win some fantasy games.  Still not a member of FantasySP?  SIGN UP!