Lakers’ Andrew Bynum Reportedly Unhappy With Role

According to the Los Angeles Times, Lakers big man Andrew Bynum is apparently unhappy with his lack of playing time and touches against the Charlotte Bobcats.

Analysis: First Ron Artest, and now Bynum? He actually has reason to be upset, as he only played 23 minutes in a 20-point loss to the Bobcats. However, considering Bynum is rarely fully healthy and hasn’t been a dominant force, he should probably just take it all in stride.

Projection: Bynum is still a safe play and can get you 10-15 points on any given night, but the playing time and attitude are discouraging.

Author: Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts is a Concordia University graduate with over five years of experience in covering the NFL, Fantasy Football, and Fantasy Basketball. He has had several articles featured on and, and currently runs

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