Buy Alexei Kovalev Low

Alexei Kovalev is one of the most talented yet extremely frustrating players in the NHL. We know he has tons of stick handling skills and goal scoring ability but what I am banking on is his free agent status next year and his desire for one last paycheck.

Analysis: Kovalev is looking for one more big contract before he “takes his talents to” the KHL. He certainly plans on getting one by his performance over the rest of the year and when he wants to play, Kovalev plays very well. Kovalev has tallied 5 goals and 3 assists and is a plus 4 in his last seven games. The guy is a plus four on a team that has lost six of seven games, yeah, Kovalev is motivated. The other positve with Kovalev is he should get moved at the trade deadline to a contender which would provide more stability to his plus/minus rating going forward.

Projection: Kovalev is immensely talented and once in a while he’s motivated. It’s time to buy Alexei Kovalev stock and it’s cheap, he’s available in about sixty percent of leagues. Expect anywhere from 10-12 goals the rest of the year with 10-12 assists and plenty of ice time.

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