Have Some Faith In Ron Artest

Ron Artest is averaging just 8 PPG and 3 RPG this year but it’s not quite time to drop this frustrating multi-category stud.

Analysis: Artest is getting 28 minutes per game and is averaging 1.4 steals and 1 three pointer made per game this year, so it’s not all bad. Obviously, it’s disappointing that Artest is and will not perform where you drafted him but he’s not at the point of no return yet. If his minutes remain over twenty a game and as the Lakers continue fighting for the two seed in the west- Ron Ron will eventually turn it on. In all honesty, is Luke Walton going to be taking away minutes from Ron Artest? Of course not, so have some faith to go along with your diappointment.

Projection: Ron Ron is going to turn it on, but can you believe he’s only attempted just two three pointers in his last two games? He’ll turn it around and when he does expect 1.5-2 steals, 1-2 threes, 4-5 rebounds and about half of a block a game.

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