Elvis Andrus Lite – Alexi Casilla Bargain

Andrus is hot and expensive: $27 in the recent CBS Sports Experts Auction and Round 6 in the KFFL Experts Draft. Casilla is cool, but only in the temperature sense, a post hype, post injury sleeper: $5 and Round 27 in the same Expert Auction and Draft. Both will be starting shortstops in 2011.
Analysis: Casilla has been cowed since his MLB debut in 2006 (age 21), garnering only 557 PA in 5 seasons due to immaturity and injuries. He’ll be 26 with MLB experience growth wise, so lets focus on the injury aspect. Alexi missed 50 days last season and 22 days in 2008. Career wise he’s had injuries to 6 different body parts: hand (3), low back (2), and only once- foot, hip, elbow, and ankle.
A 674 88 0 35 32 .265 .342 $16
B 557 65 8 50 18 .249 .336 n/a
A is actual 2010 for Elvis. B is an attempt to condense Alexi’s career into a single season’s worth of stats. (6-4-3 Assist to Baseball-Reference’s 162 Game Average)
Projection: 574 PA, 70 R, 10 HR, 60 RBI, 32 SB, .275 BA, .355 OBP, $20 Earned.

Author: James Morgan

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