David Lee and his Underwhelming Season

David Lee puts up a decent game every once in a while, but his season stats at this point are not what was expected of him.

Analysis: I really thought that the change of scenery to the high scoring Golden State Warriors would have brought pleasant stats to Lee, but that simply hasn’t been the case. He’s averaging 4 less points a game than he did last season with the Knicks. He is taking 2 fewer shots a contest, but more important is his FG%. His percentage has dropped from around 55% in the last 3 seasons to a career low of 49% this season. Steph Curry is an excellent playmaker and he should have had more of a positive effect on Lee, unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. Another unfortunate stat difference between this year and last is the drop in rebounding. Lee is averaging 9.5 boards a game this season, which is down from the 11.7 a game he average last season. Those owners who thought Lee was due for a surge this season have been kicking themselves waiting for him to get started, but it just doesn’t seem like this is his season. He did put up a nice fantasy night tonight with 26 points and 12 boards, but that kind of production hasn’t been very constant.

Projection: David Lee can’t seem to find his groove this year and has been a big time fantasy let-down. Lets remember that he is in the first year of a big contract and is pretty comfortable right now. Perhaps too comfortable. Look for Lee to come out better next year, but I don’t see him averaging much better stats for the rest of this season.

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