Monta Ellis Does a Little More Than Just Score

Golden State guard Monta Ellis is a scoring machine, but he consistently contributes in enough other categories to make him a valuable option.

Analysis: Monta is putting up fantastic scoring numbers once again this season, averaging almost 25 points a game. His FG% isn’t as bad as you might think either. Currently at 45% which is not that terrible for such a high volume shooter. On top of his excellent scoring numbers Monta actually carries his own weight in a number of other categories. He hits a respectable 1.6 3s per game, averages over 5 assists per game, and picks up a few boards here and there. The real cherry on top is his steals, which are currently at 2.2 per game this season. His FG% and FT% could be a bit better but on the whole Monta is a fantasy beast. Four times this season Monta has broken the 40 point threshold, and I expect him to get there a few more times yet. Monta’s best month was December when he averaged 27 points a game. He won’t average that for another month, but you can expect his scoring to not slip much below 25 points a game.

Projection: Even if Monta is having an off shooting night he will still score. With his ability to get to the rim and finish, he doesn’t need to be on fire to put up the points. Monta scores and steals extremely well and he’s not going to lose that touch anytime soon. Ellis will continue to do what he’s doing, but don’t expect major improvements in any categories.

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