Alexi Ogando Now 2-0

Texas right hander Alexi Ogando pitched seven innings of shutout ball today against the Tigers in his second start of the season.

Analysis: Alexi Ogando is now 2-0 for the season and has pitched 13 innings allowing zero earned runs, striking out eight batters while only walking three. Ogando is primarily a two pitch pitcher with a plus mid nineties fastball and a slider/slurve. He really does have command of the strike zone right now but you just cannot ignore that he is a two pitch starting pitcher in a ball park that is a hitter’s park with sloppy mechanics. The run support will be there for Ogando as the Rangers have a stellar lineup top to bottom. However, the smart play here is picking Ogando up off the wire and packaging him in a trade. Ogando will not have a higher fantasy value then right now and it’s time to act. At some point he’s going to have to get command of his changeup to put up some consistent fantasy numbers and right now I don’t believe he has it in him. Don’t let the Rangers hot start or the first two outings fool you, Ogando will hurt you in end.

Projection: If you watch his mechanics… he’s all over the place, you can’t trust him. By the all-star break you can expect Ogando’s ERA to be around four so act now and package the flavor of the week.

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