The Most Dissapointing Fantasy Players of the 2010-2011 Season (Stephen Curry)

Steph Was another player who I expected a lot more from but could not deliver completely on the hype.

Analysis: After a stellar rookie season, expectations were incredibly high. In his first season he removed all doubts that his game belonged in the NBA. In his sophomore season Steph played decently and had a few games that really made you acknowledge his scoring mastery. However looking at Steph’s rookie season and then predicting his sophomore season the consensus was on fairly significant improvement, but that wasn’t the case. It was safe to say that he entered into a bit of the notorious sophomore slump. What really hurt 2011 fantasy owners regarding Steph Curry was his decline in steals. He grabbed approximately a 1/2 a steal less this season than last. I like many others thought he was poised to average closer to 3 steals this season rather than 1.5. His percentages improved slightly which was nice, but he actually averaged less made 3s per game. Furthermore Steph averaged less rebounds and assists than he did a season ago. The numbers are down very slightly, basically nothing, but we were all counting on him progressing up another level rather than producing the same stats.The factor here is a lack of improvement rather than a decline, because of Steph’s age.

Projection: Steph Curry is an excellent scorer and playmaker and will always find a spot on somebody’s fantasy team. I think he recovers from his sophomore slump and puts up major fantasy stats next season. Be on the lookout for a Monta Ellis trade this offseason, because if that happens Curry will handle the ball a lot more and his stats should go up even more. They have managed to coexist okay, but an Ellis trade is certainly not out of the question.

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