Is Pronk Back?

Travis Hafner is hitting .344 with 4 HR, 11 R and 10 RBI in just seventeen games this season. So is Pronk back or is this just a hot streak?

Analysis: Travis Hafner is walking less and striking out more than his career averages. Hafner is also putting up an unsustainable .415 BABIP and he’s swinging at 27.9% of pitches outside the strike zone, eight percent above his career average. We also have to consider that Hafner hasn’t had a year with 500 plate appearances or 20 home runs since 2007. It really is just a matter of time before the slugger ends up on the disabled list. You can ride the hot streak if you like but reality is going to catch up to him sooner than later. You cannot swing at junk all year, maintain an ungodly BABIP, walk less and strike out more and expect positive results by seasons end. If Hafner can stay healthy you’re still looking at a guy without position flexibility being a DH and a player that won’t reach thirty bombs or a .290 batting average.

Projection: The injury history concerns me the most but if you insist on not dealing Pronk than you should expect a .275 batting average, 20 home runs and 60 RBI at the end of the rainbow for you. He’s not going to stay healthy.

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