Erik Bedard Valuable When Healthy

Erik Bedard has some of the best stuff in baseball but he hasn’t started more than fifteen games in a year since 2007.

Analysis: Erik Bedard is 2-0 in his last four starts while never allowing more than two earned runs per start during that stretch. He’s also struck out 24 to only 6 walks in that four game span. Bedard’s fastball velcoity may be a notch below his career average and the velocity he was briefly thowing last year but his command has been pinpoint. He still has his wicked curveball but he hasn’t been throwing it as much as the past few years. It really seems like he’s finally pitching and not relying on his stuff quite as much. Safeco is a wonderful place to pitch in and he has significant value for the time being. He is a major health concern but you still need to pluck him off the wire and ride him until he lands on the disabled list. Bedard is still available in about eighty percent of fantasy leagues so act now and pick the lefty up.

Projection: Bedard will land on the disabled list and he will not be able to recover his form once he’s hit the DL- that is assured, but while he’s healthy you just cannot ignore his fantasy impact. Expect a sub 3.8 ERA with an 8K/9 line from Bedard until he gets banged up.

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