Improved Fantasy Defenses

With all the chaos of free agency a few solid NFL defenses look to be very good heading into the 2011 season.

Analysis: Whether your strategy is drafting one of the elite defenses(PIT/NYJ) or to stream all year depending on match ups, free agency has made things even more interesting. The addition of Albert Haynesworth alongside Vince Wilfork to a young and athletic New England defense may make them a top seven fantasy defense. Mayo, McCourty, Meriweather are all near elite defenders and Haynesworth just make take the Pats D to the next level. Consider they play Buffalo and Miami twice as well as Washington and Denver in the first round of the fantasy playoffs and you have a defense with much potential.

The New Orleans Saints’ signing of the 320 pound Aubrayo Franklin gives the Saints one of the most talented front four rotations in the NFL this year. Franklin will join Shaun Rogers and Sedrick Ellis in the interior of the Saints’ front four, making life easier for the weakest part of the Saints defense- their linebackers. The Saints may return to their 2009 form where they led the NFL in turnovers forced. At the worst they remain a second tier, top eight defense with the potential for elite production deep into a fantasy draft.

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