Keep An Eye On Zach Britton

Baltimore lefty Zach Britton has been pitching extremely well as of late and it might be time to put this guy on your radar.

Analysis: Zach Britton is 3-0 in his last three starts with fifteen strikeouts while only allowing three earned runs and fourteen hits. Britton has been a streaky pitcher this year but he has been great over the last two weeks against the Twins, Yanks and Rays. His next start is another game against the Yanks and if he pitches well in that contest- he is a must add. Even if he only pitches average against New York you have to keep in mind that their offense is top notch. Britton is still young and developing and must be more consistent to become a legit lower tier SP but he has all the tools to do so. Pitching in the AL East is no small task especially with the little run support the O’s provide but he has three solid pitches. His low 90s fastball is above average, his change is major league caliber and his slider is certainly a plus pitch. Time will tell with this lefty but you have to keep an eye on him for the time being.

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