Sell High- Dustin Keller

Dustin Keller may have the second most fantasy points among tight ends in standard leagues but it’s time to sell.

Analysis: Dustin Keller is off to a hot start, it sounds awfully familiar! Last year Keller started the season with FIVE touchdowns in the first four weeks of the season- he did not catch one touchdown in his remaining twelve games. Thus far this year Keller has two touchdowns with 162 receiving yards. First, we have to look at the targets, Keller has fourteen targets on the year- sixth most among tight ends. That actually isn’t that bad but Keller doesn’t have the quarterback to put up top tier fantasy numbers while not being heavily targeted like a Jason Witten. We also have to consider the New York offense has only run the ball an average of twenty-four times per game, which doesn’t put them in the top half of the league in rushing attempts. New York will run the ball more, they averaged 33 rushing attempts in 2010 and 38 in 2009.

Keller is a great athlete and in a better system with a better quarterback he would be a TE1 but as of right now he isn’t. Sell high.


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