Streaming Defenses- Week Four- Washington

The Washington Redskins’ defense has a great match up in St. Louis in week four.

Analysis: The Skins are fifth in the league in points allowed at 17.7 and are first in the NFL in fumbles forced with ten. Although the Skins have only recovered two of the fumbles, ten fumbles forced in three games is a telling stat. Throw in eight sacks and three picks and you have yourself a defense that should give the Rams fits. Washington has played some solid offenses this year which include the Giants, Cards and Cowboys. The Washington defense is widely available and should be used if you feel somewhat confident in Rex Grossman’s ability to not turn the ball over too much.

Sam Bradford is responsible for five turnovers thus far this season while completing just 50.9% of his passes. The return of a fully healthy Steven Jackson may be a possibility, however, the Rams just don’t have the weapons to out muscle the Skins this week. The only way streaming the Washington defense fails this week will be if Rex Grossman turns the ball over two times or more. Stream at your own risk.

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