Selling High- Jackie Battle

Nineteen carries for 119 rushing yards will grab the attention of all fantasy owners, especially since Jackie Battle is available in ninety-nine percent of fantasy leagues.

Analysis: The 119 rushing yards is a nice little stat but when you consider that Jackie Battle did this against the Indianapolis Colts, well then… it’s a different story all together. The Colts rank 31st in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game at 145.2, so don’t expect Jackie Battle to put up RB3 numbers the rest of the year. Take a look at some of his remaining match ups- Oakland(twice), San Diego, New England, Pittsburgh, Chicago, the New York Jets and Green Bay. Either he won’t be getting enough carries due to the log jam in the KC backfield or the Chiefs will be playing catch up a lot going forward this year. That’s not good news for a back who isn’t much of a receiving threat.

If you do decide to pick Battle up, the smart play is to sell him high and sell him now. You cannot rely on any KC back at the moment and Jackie Battle is not an exception.

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