Deep League Help- Derrick Favors

The third overall pick of the 2010 draft is finally getting some minutes to go along with his freakish athletic talent.

Analysis: Derrick Favors has the athletic ability of Dwight Howard and it was only a matter of time before he started putting up some numbers. Favors has nine blocks and three steals in his last three games. He’s averaging 7.7 boards in just under twenty-five minutes per game and that number will increase by year’s end if his minutes maintain. Favors does have a twenty point game under his belt this year but it is clear his fantasy weakness as a power forward will be his scoring. He is shooting over fifty percent from the floor but he’s only averaging seven field goal attempts per game.

As of now he will be putting up center like numbers as a power forward. He’s going to block tons of shots due to his athleticism and his rebounds will improve as he matures. Favors is available in eighty percent of fantasy leagues and if his solid play continues he won’t even be available in the deeper leagues. Favors has been coming off of the bench recently but if his minutes are in the low to mid twenty range… you’re fine.

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