Derrick Williams’ Fantasy Value

Derrick Williams may have been the number two pick in the 2011 NBA Draft but he just isn’t getting it done in Minnesota right now.

Analysis: The fantasy problem with Derrick Williams really comes down to minutes. Williams is only getting twenty minutes per game and as a rookie he just isn’t ready to put up solid numbers yet. At 8.6 PPG and only 4.5 RPG, Williams is not putting up the fantasy numbers you need from a power forward.

There are plenty of positives when it comes to Derrick Williams. He’s hitting one three pointer per game and is averaging nearly one steal per as well. Williams’ field goal percentage is fine but he does have to improve at the stripe. If given nearly thirty minutes per game he is a must own but until then he’s just a fringe fantasy player in deep leagues. You really need some boards from your fantasy power forwards and he has yet to register an eight rebound game in his eight games this year. It really will come down to minutes and by mid season expect a respectable fantasy player.

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