Deep League Help- Ben Revere

Ben Revere’s batting average is up to .331 at the moment as he continues to put together a solid 2012 season.

Analysis: Ben Revere may not have a home run this year but his slugging percentage is up over .90 points and his isolated power is up .33 points from last year. Revere has his strikeout rate down to 6.2% thus far this season, which is third lowest in all of baseball. The outfielder simply puts the ball in play and uses his speed. He stole thirty-four bags last year and is on pace to steal nearly thirty again this year. His batting average and speed numbers are enough to justify a roster spot on most squads in deeper leagues. Revere is hitting in the two spot in the Twins order in front of Joe Mauer which is always a good place to be for a solid run total.

There isn’t much to dislike about Revere aside from his lack of power. He puts the ball in play, steals bases and as long as his BABIP doesn’t dip below .320 he will remain a valuable outfielder. Revere is available in sixty percent of fantasy leagues and he is certainly worth a look.

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