Streaming Defenses- Week 1

If you did not pick up an elite defense through the draft you may want to consider some interesting options on defense in week one.

Analysis: As good as the Giants DST, Cowboys DST, Raiders DST, and Broncos DST defenses can be, it may not make sense to start them in week one with other solid options out there. The Detroit Lions DST is available in a few leagues and is worth consideration. The Lions have a week one match up with the Rams who only averaged 12.1 points per game last year. Sam Bradford has a career 74.2 passer rating and just loves holding on to the ball.

The widely available team to watch is the Vikings DST. They face the Jags in week one and we all know that Blaine Gabbert can make Tim Tebow look like Warren Moon. The Jags only averaged 15.2 points per game last year even with a healthy and prepared MJD. The Vikes led the league with 50 sacks in 2011 and expect more of the same from Jared Allen and company. Keep in mind that Minnesota is at home and Gabbert’s quarterback rating on the road last year was just 62.4 with only five touchdowns on 209 passing attempts.

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