Stock Rising- Pryor

Terrelle Pryor threw for 217 yards and rushed for 112 as he put together a solid fantasy performance in week one against the Colts.

Analysis: Pryor may not ever make it as a successful quarterback in the NFL but he does have a future as a deadly fantasy threat for the time being. On Sunday afternoon Pryor completed 19 of 29 passes with one passing touchdown and two picks. He added a ridiculous 112 rushing yards which will be his fantasy calling card all year long. From a fantasy perspective we can accept the interceptions and some sacks if he can consistently rush for 70 plus yards and throw for another 200.

At the moment Terrelle Pryor is available in 85-95% of fantasy leagues. He may not be stable enough to be trusted as an every week fantasy starter but he can add some depth at little to no cost. The risk of picking up Pryor far outweighs the rewards of a guy like Alex Smith.

After his solid performance on the road Pryor’s week two matchup is with the Jags at home. Oh, the possibilities.

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