Stock Rising- Henson

John Henson is off to a productive start in his second professional NBA season.

Analysis: Henson was an elite shot blocker at UNC but it took some time and muscle to acclimate to the pro game down low. It appears Henson has it figured out, he is posting a solid line at this point in the season- 2.1 BPG, 5.9 RPG, 10.1 PPG, 52% FG%. Henson is 6th in the NBA in blocks per game despite playing just twenty-four minutes per game.

The blocks and field goal percentage will remain solid but expect the rebounds to increase. In fact, Henson is averaging nearly eight boards per game in his last five games. He can be a real difference maker in the blocks department but like many other big men he does struggle at the line. He’s shooting just 60% from the stripe this year on about two attempts per game. He shot below 50% from the line in his two years at UNC and he shot 53% last year as a rookie, so we are seeing progress. At the moment he is available in 30-60% of fantasy leagues.

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