Under The Radar- Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams has been logging some serious minutes as of late for the injured Rudy Gay.

Analysis: Williams will always be a three/four tweener in the NBA but he can still be a productive player. Over his last four games Williams is averaging 11.2 rebounds, 14.5 points and 1 three. Williams is averaging 28.6 minutes in the month of January which is a great sign considering Rudy Gay has played in eleven games this month. Williams is taking about eight shots per game in January and he’s shooting a solid 49% from the field. The former second overall pick may never live up to the hype but he sure is contributing.

Derrick Williams isn’t great in any one particular fantasy area. Yes, the rebounds have been there over the last week of action filling in for Gay but he only averaged 3.6 boards per game in the month of December in 24.5 minutes per contest. Despite his lack of an elite fantasy skill set it is always going to be difficult to ignore an athlete getting thirty plus minutes per night. With Rudy Gay coming back soon it will be time to monitor those minutes. Currently, Williams is available in 50-70% of fantasy leagues.

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