Felton Still Eating Minutes

Raymond Felton is playing some pedestrian basketball at the moment but he is still eating tons of minutes for the lowly Knicks.

Analysis: Ray Felton is averaging 32.5 minutes per game this year which is 18th most in the NBA among point guards. Felton is on a decent five game streak at the moment- 6.6 APG, 9.2 PPG, 1.4 SPG. Unfortunately, Felton is still outside of the top 20 fantasy point guards over the last two weeks. Guys like Patty Mills and George Hill have put up better numbers than Felton over the last two weeks.

Even if we take it a bit further it doesn’t get any better for Felton. He’s shooting 40% from the field this year and 29% from three. He is hitting about one three per game and he averages one steal per game as well, but that is it on the positives.

Currently, Raymond Felton is available in 20-40% of fantasy leagues. He is serviceable and eats tons of minutes but his poor play cannot be ignored. Even on his recent “streak” he is still playing mediocre ball on an awful Eastern Conference squad.

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