Under The Radar- Jones

James Jones is quietly having a solid season as the Seattle Mariners continue to push for a playoff berth at the midpoint in the season.

Analysis: James Jones is hitting .295 with 17 stolen bases and 33 runs in 56 games played. During the month of June he was the 9th best fantasy outfielder. Despite only playing in those 56 games he ranks 7th among outfielders in stolen bases and 13th in batting average.

At some point this season or next Jones’ power will start to appear. He is a toolsy, raw talent but the twenty-five year old will provide enough steals to offset the lack of power and RBI production for the time being. Jones does not walk much(4.4%) but he isn’t a high strikeout rate hacker either(16.5%). Among outfielders with at least 200 plate appearances he ranks in the top 30 in contact rate so we can expect the .350 BABIP and .325 OBP to be somewhat sustainable marks.

James Jones is available in 80% of fantasy leagues.

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