Tracy McGrady Isn’t T-Mac Anymore

Despite only one 20 point game in his last nine contests, Tracy McGrady is still owned in about forty percent of fantasy leagues nationwide.

Analysis: McGrady’s minutes are certainly up over the last month and a half to about thirty per game but his three point percentage is below thirty percent and his steals are below one per game in this stretch. All McGrady provides is unreliable points production with below average rebounds, assists and steals at the SG/PG position, especially over the last two weeks. Tracy McGrady is owned in leagues on name only, not performance and it’s time to drop the dead weight.

Projection: Expect McGrady to get 25-30 minutes a game with 12 PPG, 4 APG and 3 RPG. His shooting percentage is alright but he’s not hitting the three ball at all. Time for a change.

Keep An Eye On CJ Miles

With the recent departure of coach Jerry Sloan keep an eye on CJ Miles’ minutes under new coach Tyrone Corbin.

Analysis: Despite only averaging twenty-three minutes a game C.J. Miles puts up a solid stat line- 12 PPG, 1.5 3PM, 1 SPG with a 78 FT% and .5 BPG. In deeper fantasy leagues we have to monitor his minutes and numbers under new coach Tyrone Corbin. Will the Jazz open it up a bit or play the same blue collar ball we are used to seeing? Miles is available in well over 90 percent of leagues nationwide so you have some time to see if his minutes and numbers bump up over the next few weeks. If he can get thirty minutes a game he quickly becomes more than solid in every category with the exception of assists and field goal percentage.

Projection: Expect more of the same from C.J. Miles if his minutes remain the same but if the bump up to thirty a game look for 15 PPG, 2 3PM and 1.5 SPG.

It’s Time To Dump Charlie Villanueva

Charlie Villanueva is averaging over twenty-four minutes per game this year, however, he hasn’t reached that mark in Detroit’s last nine games.

Analysis: Charlie Villanueva is a power forward who can hit the three but if he doesn’t get minutes he’ll kill you in rebounds. Villanueva hasn’t reached 12 points or 4 rebounds in Detroit’s last nine games and the biggest reason is Georgetown rookie Greg Monroe. Monroe is shooting over 50 percent from the field with 12 steals his last eleven games and in that stretch is averaging nearly 9 boards with 11 points. With the Pistons moving in a more youthful direction, Charlie Villanueva is the odd man out especially in deeper fantasy leagues.

Projection: Greg Monroe has topped thirty-three minutes each of his last four games and isn’t going to be giving any more minutes to Charlie Villanueva in Detroit ever again. Expect fifteen minutes a game with some threes from Villanueva the rest of the season but nothing special in any other category. Greg Monroe is the real winner here, grab him up before it’s too late.

Mike Dunleavy Is Heating Up

Mike Dunleavy hit 5 threes while shooting 6 for 8 from the field for 17 points Sunday against the Nets. Dunleavy is hitting 40% from beyond the arc this year and averaging 2 three pointers made per game in doing so.

Analysis: He’s owned in about 50% of fantasy leagues nationwide and if you’re in desperate need of 3 pointers and free throw percentage in your league then this SG/SF may be a good fit for your squad. Dunleavy has hit 19 threes with 7 steals his last six games, as well as averaging 15 PPG and 4 RPG in that stretch. The Pacers are playing very well under new coach Frank Vogel who is seeing his team throw up tons of threes in his first four games as coach. Although Dunleavy’s minutes are slightly down the Pacers tempo and energy are not.

Projection: Expect more of the same with the ever so quiet Mike Dunleavy. He’ll average 13-15 PPG, 5 RPG with some steals scattered in but his real value will be his free throw percentage (80% career) and his 3PM while not hurting you as a SG/SF in field goal percentage with 45%. He’s a solid pickup for threes and he’ll be going fast over the next few weeks.

Need Assists? Ramon Sessions Can Help!

The Cavs may have dropped their twenty-third straight game Friday night, but that hasn’t stopped Ramon Sessions from putting up monster numbers. Sessions tallied 20 points, 11 assists with a steal and a block last night against the Grizzlies.

Analysis: Ramon Sessions has quietly put up top 20 fantasy point guard numbers over the last two weeks and don’t expect his play to fall off much if he continues play over thirty minutes a game, which he has in ten of his last twelve games. In this current five game span Sessions is averaging 9 assists, 15.6 ppg, 47% from the field and 88% from the line. The bottom line is Ramon Sessions is getting tons of minutes, he’s not turning the ball over and he’s one hungry dude. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, Sessions has been a streaky fantasy player the past few years with the Wolves and the Bucks.

Projection: Expect 7-9 apg, 13-15 ppg with 80 percent from the line and 45 percent from the field if Sessions continues to get over thirty minutes a game. His steals are down this year but expect .80 spg the rest of the season with room for improvement.