Big Changes to the Fantasy Assistant

There have already been quite a few significant updates to the Fantasy Assistant that I wanted to make note of.  The first day of it’s release was huge and I want to thank everyone for their feedback.  I’ve pushed out a bunch of changes today based on your feedback including:

  • New sign-ups can use the Fantasy Assistant during their trial period.  (Thanks to Ben!)
  • Separate blog posts will be created to keep you guys informed on latest updates.  This link now appears on the Fantasy Assistant footer.
  • I have revamped the “loading…” popups placement and design to be more subtle and out of the way.  This is due to reports of the “loading” screen being stuck on the screen.  It will no longer be in your way, even if it does get stuck.  (Thanks Jerry, Bryan)
  • Waiver Wire Suggestions bug fixes have been applied.  Sometimes the data would not be refreshed.
  • NBA Waiver Wire Suggestions: Low Risk have been improved to be more accurate.  Low Risk behaves more like a low risk pickup. (Thanks Stephen)
  • NBA Waiver Wire Suggestions: High Risk have been slightly improved in terms of accuracy.

Thanks everyone and hopefully these updates addressed a lot of your concerns.

Introducing: Fantasy Assistant

The Fantasy Assistant has finally arrived at FantasySP.  The Fantasy Assistant is the ultimate fantasy tool to help analyze your synced teams and recommend waiver wire pickups.  It was built to help newbies and veterans gain an edge in their league.

Home Screen

The Home Screen

The home screen shows each sync league that I have.  As you can see each team has two separate rank and rating numbers assigned to it.  We break up ratings into Full Roster and Starting Lineup.  Each day teams are analyzed and a rating is collected to see where you rank in your league.  Here is a link to my FantasySP basketball team.  Feel free to browse around the league to see which team is the top ranked and their performance over time with the handy team graphs.

Team Selected

Once your team is selected you are presented with a new screen consisting of your complete lineup and a quick analysis of your players.

Team Selected

Each player is assigned an importance evaluation in relation to the team’s success as a whole.  According to this, my most important player is Chris Paul at 12.70%.  He is currently 1.50% more important than Greg Monroe.  Interesting.  So how is this helpful?

Clearly Chris Paul was my first round pick.  Greg Monroe was drafted much later, more like the 4th round.  So far it’s safe to say that was a solid 4th round pick.  Let’s say a team in my league offered a trade for Greg Monroe.  He is currently my second most important player on my team.  A quick look at this indicates who I should trade, and an idea of what I should get  in return if traded.

But let’s say we want more information on Mo Williams, who is currently on my bench.

Select Player

As you can see a new box pops up on the right side giving us loads of information.

Mo Williams Selected

Starting at the top we have Mo Williams’ stats.  The black and gray box has two rows of his numbers.  The first row indicates his stats on the season and the second row indicates how he performed at the exact same point last season.  His numbers are more or less equal, expect for a big drop in assists per game.  That might account for his lack of usefulness?

Waiver Wire Suggestions

Now we have waiver wire suggestions, which is broken down into two categories: High Risk & Low Risk.  As you might have guessed, the high risk stat analysis focuses on a shorter time period than low risk.  However, the high risk category may have some sleeper picks that others may have missed, so let’s check these out.  The goal is to find a guy like Nickola Pekovic before everyone else does.  (I actually picked him up based on the Fantasy Assistant’s recommendation.)

Anyway, back to the Waiver Wire Suggestions… first on the list is Jordan Crawford, who is currently a free agent and has better numbers in just about every category.  Keep in mind these stats are averages from a specific time-frame and are NOT the entire season’s worth.  We want to know who is hot right now.   If I want to get his complete analysis then click on the green “View Analysis” button next to his name.

Jordan Crawford Analysis

According to this, Crawford has been playing better as of late compared to his season’s numbers.  It also showcases his complete stats and a comparison to the same point last season.  We also see a detailed analysis of his performance and where he ranks in certain categories.  Plus there is a fantasy graph and more to look through.  Awesome? I think so.

Mousing over the gray icon next to Jordan Crawford’s name will tell me which league he is a free agent in and will provide a direct link to pick him up.

Link to pick up Jordan Crawford

I could continue to check out the rest of the suggestions, or I could hop over to the Low Risk category to see what type of Low Risk options I have.

Wrap Up

As you can see there are many useful features in the Fantasy Assistant that will help you research and make more calculated moves.  As of this blog post, some of these stats are already outdated, but the premise remains the same.   As of today, the NBA section is 100% working.  Later this week I will activate the NHL section’s Waiver Suggestions.  Soon after that the MLB section will be activated. In the fall the NFL will go live.

The Fantasy Assistant will constantly be improving based on feedback.  I already have plans to have enhanced features for Roto leagues.  There are nuances that I did not touch on, but will be discovered as you use the Fantasy Assistant.

Long time users, this feature was made specifically for you.  I truly appreciate your continued support and for believing in this site and my vision. Enjoy this new feature and, of course, be sure and email me if you have any questions or comments.

Get the Fantasy Assistant now!

UPDATE: You can find the latest updates on the fantasy assistant right here.