October 10th Weekly Release Notes

This week mostly involved bug fixes and design tweaks.  I expect a beta version of a major feature sometime this week.  I also still have to write the blog post about why fantasy transactions are so kickass.  The reason I haven’t is because I haven’t had a whole lot of free time.  Though I suppose this happens to companies that only have one employee.

Anyways, here are this weeks release notes….

  • Major fix for depth charts accuracy, yet again
  • Major User Panel redesign.  It is cleaner and more organized. The left side is now based around “my” teams, transactions, players, news. I love it, do you?
  • Fix for Howie Kendrick and Steven Kampfer (thanks wtapppp)
  • MLB data collection has been disabled
  • NHL boxscore data collection has been enabled & stats reflect 2011-12 season

October 3rd Weekly Release Notes

This is the fourth edition of my weekly release notes and it is a big one.  I am going to make a separate blog post detailing Fantasy League Transactions and why its such a kick ass feature.  I highly suggest you check it out, and tell your friends.  I do not know of ANY other fantasy site that offers this feature.  It should help you guys organize the chaos, especially if you are in multiple fantasy leagues.

Here is the complete list of updates to FantasySP:

  • Profile icons have been added to the site. This feature will be improved upon down the road.
  • Fantasy League Transactions COMPLETE! Yahoo & NFL.com fantasy league transactions have been added.
  • Stevie Johnson / Steve Johnson fix
  • Enabled commenting on synced fantasy league or team pages
  • Fixed fantasy league ratings update bug
  • Prevented old team names from showing up on fantasy league pages
  • Fix to prevent header from loading wacky due to bad advertisements
  • Changed “Most Viewed Players” to look at a much shorter time window to improve accuracy (based on feedback from wtapppp)
  • User Panel now uses “My” wording for many areas. “Transactions” now renamed to “My Trans” to save space.  More tweaks coming.
  • Big ESPN fantasy league syncing fix for players with three names (thanks wtapppp)

September 19th Weekly Release Notes

It is the second edition of my weekly release notes blog post.  Before I move on to the release notes, I’d like to mention that yesterday was a record setting day in terms of traffic for FantasySP.  I suspect more of these record setting days are on the way in the coming weeks so stay tuned.  I want to thank 3 different people for this occasion:

  1. Myself. For ignoring 99% of people’s advice to me about FantasySP and forging ahead because I believe in my vision.
  2. My new wife, Lesley.  She is one of the few people who best understands what its like to run FantasySP.
  3. The users!  Without you guys FantasySP would have ended years ago.
Now onto the release notes for this week:
  • Transactions are live  in your user panel. They have gone through 3 seperate mini design overhauls and I am finally satisfied with how it looks and functions.  If you aren’t familiar, Transactions for each fantasy league are collected and shown here.  You can move back in your league or forward to the latest transactions.
  • ESPN Transactions Added.  As of right now, CBS and ESPN are supported.  I expect to have Yahoo! added by the end of this week.
  • Fantasy Level Disabled.  The fantasy level bar located in the user panel has been disabled for now.  It will have a new home soon enough.
  • News stories should no longer have ‘black diamond’ icons in them.
  • New User Tips disabled.  I felt as though this just made things a bit too busy in the user panel.
  • NFL Fantasy Surprises activated for the 2011 season!
  • NFL stats have been switched over for the 2011 season!
  • Many roster fixes behind the scenes that are incredibly annoying to do but need to be.
  • Fix for CBSSports fantasy syncing.
  • Minor fixes for fantasy team ratings

FantasySP September 12th Weekly Release Notes

I had an idea the other day… a lot of tech companies create weekly release notes and send them around the office.  I don’t have an office or other employees. What I do have are loyal users who really seem to care about whats going on around here.  So from now on, I will make a weekly release notes post each Monday informing you guys of the biggest additions/changes to FantasySP.

I am a HUGE fan of transparency and hope that you guys will enjoy this.  So, here it is:

  • Removed quite a few unnecessary queries, plus tweaks to NFL.com fantasy to speed up the site
  • New users will receive emails from me asking them if they need help or have questions
  • Newsletters to all users have been added, and I plan to send these out during big announcements
  • Ed Belfour was showing up in NHL most viewed players accidently, fixes added to prevent inaccuracies
  • CBS Sports transactions are now being collected, still need to add support for the other leagues
  • Frontend to show league transactions partially finished and will be added to the site sometime this week
  • Added notification in the user box every Tuesday about weekly release notes