Streaming Defenses- Week 4

Week three is officially over and now it’s time to take a look at the “team to stream” in week four.

Analysis: This week we will take the Colts D/ST against the Jags. Indy held the 49ers to just seven points on Sunday, forcing two turnovers and recording three sacks. The Indy defense did play well the first two weeks of the season so a date with Jacksonville this week shouldn’t scare anyone.

Jacksonville is 32nd in the NFL in total offense, 21st in turnover margin, 32nd in points at 9.3 per game, 32nd in sacks allowed and 22nd in interceptions thrown. This is all a recipe for fantasy success. The Colts on the other hand are 9th in sacks, 13th in interceptions, 9th in forced fumbles and 6th in points per game against at 16.0 per game. The Colts D/ST is available in 97-99% of fantasy leagues.

Through three weeks our “team to stream” has scored 27 fantasy points, that’s more points than the Niners and Texans which were considered top three fantasy defenses on draft day. Aren’t you glad you didn’t waste a pick on defense this year?

Streaming Defenses- Week 3

The Indianapolis Colts have a week three contest with the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars.

Analysis: Jacksonville quarterback Blaine Gabbert is banged up with toe and hamstring problems at the moment but he should be ready to go for the Indy game. He has led the Jags to a 32nd ranked total offense, 30th in points per game and he himself has the 21st “best” passer rating in the league. When Brees, Cutler, Stafford and Vick get it going expect his passer rating near the bottom of the league once again. The Jags haven’t been able to muster up anything on offense this year and a road game in Indy won’t see Gabbert throwing for three touchdowns.

On the other hand you have a respectable Indy D but they are far from special. They are sixth in the league in sacks which is always a plus when facing a struggling quarterback who has yet to put up decent numbers on the road. The Indy D is available in virtually every league which makes sense but they are certainly worth roster consideration this week. Another defense to take a look at is the Buffalo D, a defense that has tons of talent up front and should beat up on the Browns this week.