Buying Low- Dan Uggla

Dan Uggla may be struggling at the plate this year but it’s not as awful as his stats suggest.

Analysis: Dan Uggla may be batting just .183 on the year but there is reason to hope. Uggla’s .193 BABIP is the lowest in the major leagues and ninety-eight points below his career average. Everything else for Uggla has been relatively the same. His walk and strikeout rates are stable and in line with his career averages and of course he’s still playing some awful defense at second base. This is the perfect time to buy Uggla low. His power numbers and batting average will rise when his BABIP comes back up and so will his fantasy trade value. Outside of Rickie Weeks, Ian Kinsler, Robbie Cano and Danny Espinosa where else are you going to get this kind of power at second base? If you have a lower tier second baseman now is the perfect time to invest in Dan Uggla or even if you still own Uggla as your primary second bagger you need to have some faith.

Projection: As long as Uggla’s BABIP doesn’t continue to absolutely kill him we should expect a return to form from Dan Uggla. He’s good for a .240 plus batting average, about fourteen homers and forty RBI in his remaining games.