Stock Rising- Jarrett Jack

Kyrie Irving will be out for the remainder of the season with a biceps injury. The Cavs won’t come out and say it but he will not suit up again this season. What does this mean? Well, Jarrett Jack has and will continue to be on the end of some major minutes.

Analysis: Jarrett Jack is averaging 35.6 minutes per game in his last five contests. During that stretch he is dropping 13.2 points per game, 4.0 assists and 1.0 threes. Over the last week of the season Jack is the 16th rated fantasy point guard and the 11th best fantasy shooting guard.

Obviously, Jack isn’t going to blow anyone away in assists, threes or steals but he is more than serviceable. Keep in mind that he is averaging 32 minutes per game in the month of March and because of the Kyrie Irving injury that number will continue to climb.

Currently, Jarrett Jack is available in 45-60% of fantasy leagues. He has OKC Thursday night followed by Houston on Saturday night. Jack also has four games on the schedule next week.

Buying Low- Jarrett Jack

Jarrett Jack is averaging 6.7 assists per game through three games this year.

Analysis: Jarrett Jack has always been a fringe fantasy performer but he is getting nearly thirty minutes per game this year. Jack’s line of 6.7 APG, 4.3 RPG and 10.3 PPG is very solid especially for a point guard that is only owned in less than ten percent of fantasy leagues. Jack is a career 85% free throw shooter so he can contribute in other areas as well.

Jarrett Jack may be coming off of the bench but he is the best pure point guard on the Golden State Warriors. Stephen Curry may be starting at the point but he is a combo guard who does not facilitate the offense nearly as well as Jarrett Jack. If Jack’s minutes remain near the thirty minute mark he will have a spot on fantasy rosters nationwide regardless of format.¬†Keep in mind that Jack shoots well from the field for a small guard and he will average nearly one steal and one three per game. He is a reliable lower tier point guard and he makes a perfect buy low candidate at the moment.