Eric Gordon’s Fantasy Value

As the new shooting guard for the Hornets, Eric Gordon should post even better numbers than last year.

Analysis: There really isn’t much missing from Eric Gordon’s fantasy game. The guy does absolutely everything you need from a shooting guard and then some. As the clear number one option in New Orleans we should see his field goal and free throw attempts go up by a few but his field goal percentage should not take a dip below the forty-four percent mark. He’ll continue to rack up the steals and threes while amassing four or so assists. He really is a top five fantasy shooting guard who just may be a top three due to the trade. Kevin Martin and Joe Johnson may be near his tier but Gordon is on the rise and has gotten better every year he has been in the league.

Another added benefit will be Gordon’s restricted free agent status by the end of the year. Gordon will be playing for a big contract and who doesn’t love contract years? The only downfall with Gordon is that he has missed significant time over the last two years but so has Kevin Martin. Gordon is a borderline top twenty pick and he should not disappoint.