Buying Low- Rashad Jennings

Rashad Jennings was on the end of double digit carries for the fifth time in six weeks Sunday against the Titans.

Analysis: Just one week after a three carry game Rashad Jennings carried the rock 16 times for 43 rushing yards and 1 touchdown. With Maurice Jones-Drew still out for a few weeks it appears the Jags will give the majority of the touches to Jennings despite his 2.8 yards per carry average this year. Jennings is having an extremely underwhelming season as he receives yet another opportunity to prove to the NFL he can be a feature back.

Although Rashad Jennings has not played well this year he did carry the rock 16 times Sunday which merits a fantasy pick-up at least until MJD returns in a few weeks. The Jags have Buffalo and then the New York Jets in the next two weeks, so the Jacksonville running game should not disappear in second half blow outs. It really is hard to pass on a back who should receive 15 carries next week and potential goal line carries but nothing about his play has been impressive thus far. Pick Jennings up at your own risk or to prevent desperate owners starting him against you next week because he has “potential” for a big fantasy game.

ADP Watch- Rashad Jennings

Rashad Jennings is a very interesting back to take a look at especially with the Jags and MJD at odds on a contract.

Analysis: Rashad Jennings is sporting a career 5.4 yards per carry average with five touchdowns and zero fumbles on 123 carries. It may be a small sample size but he can certainly be a feature back going forward. Even if MJD gets a deal done soon he will be more susceptible to injury this year. At the moment MJD is the 4th-10th back being taken off the board while Jennings is the 40th with an ADP in the 105-135 range. You can get away with drafting Jennings as your fourth back yet he may wind up as a RB2 if the MJD situation goes south.

Jennings makes a great low risk/high reward back at the moment considering his 175 rushing yards on just 36 preseason carries. To expect MJD to come in and carry the rock in every down and situation without proper camp time is crazy(see Chris Johnson last year). Jennings is a fine 225 pound back and if a trade is to happen he is an absolute steal.

Streaming Defenses- Week Sixteen- Titans

There are not many solid options to stream in week sixteen but the Tennessee Titans’ defense has a good matchup.

Analysis: The Titans get Jacksonville at home this week in an absolute must win game. The Titans are coming off of a bad performance in Indy but the three Titan turnovers are what really lost the game for them. With Jacksonville you still have a team on the road with a rookie quarterback. The Jags are not even averaging fifteen points per game and are dead last in the NFL in yards per game by thirty yards to the Colts. Blaine Gabbert has a quarterback rating of 65.6 on the year and has thrown ten picks and has fumbled the ball thirteen times(losing four of them).

Surprisingly, the Titans still rank in the top ten in the NFL in points allowed per game. They know the blue print to dominate the Jacksonville squad is simple- stop MJD and apply pressure to Blaine Gabbert. The Jags are 1-6 on the road this year and have not scored more than seventeen points in any road game. The Titans need this game to keep within reach of the Jets and Bengals for the sixth playoff spot in the AFC and you can expect to see their defense give Gabbert the business.