Minutes Rising- Amir Johnson

Amir Johnson’s minutes and fantasy numbers are finally starting to pick up after a weak January/February.

Analysis: Amir Johnson has played at least thirty minutes per game in his last three contests. He did not hit the thirty minute mark in his previous nine games. Johnson continues to battle injuries but we cannot deny that his stat line has been healthy as of late. Amir is averaging 8 rebounds, 10 points and 1 block over the last week and a half. His rebounding and blocks can be more than solid as evidenced by his December marks of 8.3 boards per game and 1.4 blocks per game. Interestingly enough he averaged over thirty minutes in the month of December and was relatively healthy.

Patrick Patterson’s minutes have been falling for the last three weeks which is contributing to the Amir Johnson resurgence. Patterson has not been shooting well lately, he’s 13 for his last 39 from the field. Patterson is still rebounding well but he poses very little threat to Amir Johnson’s fantasy value at the moment.

Amir Johnson is available in 20-50% of fantasy leagues.

Last Call On Patrick Patterson

Patrick Patterson is not rebounding the ball particularly well but he is producing.

Analysis: Patrick Patterson is on a tear right now and he is still available in about half of fantasy leagues which will not last long at all. Patterson has three 20 point games over his last four contests and he’s averaging over thirty minutes per game in the last week. On his current five game streak he’s putting up 19.6 PPG, 5.0 RPG and he’s shooting 56% from the field. He’s also hitting over one three per game as his attempts from beyond the arc have increased dramatically this year.

Everyone is in love with Patterson now but it is rather disappointing that he is receiving so many minutes(29.7/g) yet he’s only averaging five rebounds per game. It’s just something you are going to have to live with from the power forward as the fantasy season moves along. He does pick up steals and blocks around a 0.5 per game clip, so he does contribute but not significantly in those areas. Keep in mind that Patterson is the hot power forward on the wire at the moment and he’s been playing great ball for over a week so many people are starting to catch on.

Patrick Patterson- Deep League Help

Houston power forward Patrick Patterson may only be owned in 1% of fantasy leagues nationwide but his fantasy lines recently suggest otherwise.

Analysis: Patrick Patterson has averaged 15 points with 11 boards in his last two games as well as averaging 30 minutes per game over his last five contests. To put it simply, Patterson is evolving into a double-double big man since his minutes have essentially doubled with the injury to Luis Scola. He is shooting fifty-five percent from the floor on the year and is averaging over a block and a steal per game over his last seven games. He doesn’t get to the stripe enough to be a factor there and he only hurts you in assists and threes but from a power forward, who cares? Yes, Luis Scola will return soon, however, Patterson is playing so well the Rockets cannot afford not to play the hot hand. Houston stands two games back of Memphis in the loss column for the eight seed in the west and giving Patterson at least twenty minutes a game down the stretch seems to be in order.

Projection: Even with 22-24 minutes a game Patterson is good for 7 boards, a block, a steal and a great field goal percentage- exactly what a lot of fantasy squads in deeper leagues need.