Last Call On Mike Trout

Mike Trout is back in the big leagues once again and hopefully he can make it stick this time.

Analysis: Mike Trout is two games into his return to the Angels and his situation still is not entirely clear. He has been leading off but will likely split some time with Peter Bourjos and Vernon Wells. On the negative side of things, Trout did only hit .220 last year in 123 at-bats. However, the kid is still just twenty years old. He is an extremely toolsy outfielder and a 20 HR/40 SB season from him is only a few years away. Trout is just too good for the minors at this point in his career. In Double-A last year Trout hit .326 with 33 stolen bases and 11 home runs in just ninety-one games. This year in Triple-A Trout has posted a .403 batting average with six swipes.

Mike Trout is already owned in about half of fantasy leagues and his stock is rising. He does make a fine sell high candidate here especially if he cannot lower his strikeout rate. Keep in mind that there still is the possibility of limited playing time in his case.

Mike Trout Promoted, What’s Next?

At just nineteen years old, Mike Trout, the number one prospect in baseball has been promoted to the Angels and will bat ninth Friday night.

Analysis: There are two ways to approach Mike Trout’s promotion. You can pluck him up off the wire and either keep him or trade him. Nineteen year olds no matter how talented typically do not set the majors on fire. If he gets off to a good start it would be wise to take advantage of the hype machine and deal the center fielder for a sure thing. However, if you do decide to keep Trout he should be able to contribute in all five roto categories(until the Peter Bourjos situation plays out). Trout hit .330 with 29 stolen bases and 9 bombs in just 74 Double A games this year. He certainly is ready for the big time but he’s not quite ready to be a fantasy force. We also have to consider that Peter Bourjos will be coming back sooner than later with a hamstring injury and with the money tied up with Vernon Wells and Torii Hunter you would have to think Trout might be going back down to the minors when it is clear Bourjos is healthy.