Stock Rising- Anderson

The Sixers may be on an eighteen game losing streak but James Anderson has been playing very well. Anderson hit 5 of 9 threes and scored 17 points in a loss to the Kings on Wednesday night.

Analysis: Anderson is averaging 17.5 points per game, 4.0 threes made and 3.0 rebounds over his last four games. He’s clocking over 30 minutes per game and shooting more than 11 shots per game in the month of March. His biggest asset is obviously the three ball. He’s averaging 1.3 threes made per game this year and once again a ridiculous 4.0 threes made per game in his last four contests.

The twenty-four year old shooting guard is finally starting to get some love in the fantasy world. Thirty-plus minutes per night and a hot hand can only go unnoticed for so long. Anderson’s numbers will come back down but we don’t know where considering he seems to be Philly’s second best offensive weapon at the moment behind Thaddeus Young.

Currently, James Anderson is available in 70-97% of fantasy leagues. Keep in mind his next four games are against the league’s best defenses- Indiana twice, Chicago and Memphis.

Buying Low- Thaddeus Young

Thaddeus Young is being dropped from many fantasy squads across the country but there are reasons to keep the small forward.

Analysis: Thaddeus Young has never been a three point shooter but he brings a diverse skill set to the table. Young is averaging five boards per game and has seven steals in five games this year. Young is shooting over fifty percent from the floor and shot over fifty percent last year as well. He’s a solid seventy percent plus free throw shooter and his minutes are stable in the mid-twenty range.

When Thaddeus Young gets it going this year he will become a 15 PPG, 1.5 SPG player who will get you a healthy amount of rebounds for a small forward. He certainly has his place in deeper leagues because his only real weakness is the three ball. Young is available in over fifty percent of fantasy leagues and  his steals, field goal percentage and points potential make him a valuable player. If he can start having more three assist nights(1.1 APG for career) like Wednesday night then Young will become a more complete fantasy asset. Keep your eye on him, he just may break out.

Thaddeus Young Is Heating Up

Thaddeus Young went 12-15 from the floor for 24 points Friday night against the Pistons. Available in over fifty percent of leagues nationwide he just may be what you’re looking for if you need points and steals.

Analysis: Does five consecutive 18 plus point games interest you? It should and he’s doing more than just scoring. Young has averaged five rebounds and one steal per game in that same five game span as well as shooting over 65 percent from the field. This is the time of year in the fantasy world where you have to ride the hot hands to a championship and Thaddeus Young may help you get there. He doesn’t contribute much in the three department but he’s shooting 73% from the stripe and his minutes are just under thirty a game. Young needs to be on the floor for the Sixers if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive and Young should be hitting the thirty minute per game mark from here on out.

Projection: Expect 15-19 PPG, 5 RPG, more than 1 SPG and solid field goal and free throw percentages the rest of the year.