Replace Marc Savard With Peter Forsberg

Marc Savard will miss the remainder of the season with ongoing issues from concussions. While his season has been a disappointment he was still worth a roster spot up until now. Enter Peter Forsberg and his career 1.25 points per game average.

Analysis: Yes, Peter Forsberg is thirty-seven years old but he put up 30 points in just 23 SEL games last year, he’s still a beast. There is no denying his offensive talent or his love for Colorado who are in a dogfight for a playoff berth in the Western Conference. He’s available in 85% of fantasy leagues and his pickup is a no-brainer. While it is still undecided what line the Avs will insert him in, one thing is for sure… he will produce.

Projection: The Avs have thirty games remaining on their schedule and “Foppa” will get them in the playoffs. Expect 8-12 goals with 18-23 assists the rest of the season if Forsberg can get his visa situation taken care of soon.

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