Forsberg Suddenly Retires, Replace With Saku Koivu

Peter Forsberg retired from the NHL again Monday just two games into his comeback. This does hurt fantasy owners banking on Forsberg putting up monster numbers, however, Saku Koivu is owned in just forty percent of fantasy leagues and should help ease the loss of Forsberg’s expectations.

Analysis: Saku Koivu is certainly under the radar and is playing some great hockey lately. Koivu has 2 goals, 6 assists, 3 power play points and seven games with over 20 minutes of ice time in his last seven games. There are very few available fantasy centers getting the ice time or putting up the numbers like Koivu has these past few weeks. Obviously, the loss of Peter Forsberg hurts but Koivu is a consistent force.

Projection: There are only twenty-five games left on the Ducks schedule and expect Koivu to amass about 15 points, over 5 power play points with an average time on ice over 20 minutes. He isn’t going to go on a streak and leave the league on fire but he won’t let you down either.

Replace Marc Savard With Peter Forsberg

Marc Savard will miss the remainder of the season with ongoing issues from concussions. While his season has been a disappointment he was still worth a roster spot up until now. Enter Peter Forsberg and his career 1.25 points per game average.

Analysis: Yes, Peter Forsberg is thirty-seven years old but he put up 30 points in just 23 SEL games last year, he’s still a beast. There is no denying his offensive talent or his love for Colorado who are in a dogfight for a playoff berth in the Western Conference. He’s available in 85% of fantasy leagues and his pickup is a no-brainer. While it is still undecided what line the Avs will insert him in, one thing is for sure… he will produce.

Projection: The Avs have thirty games remaining on their schedule and “Foppa” will get them in the playoffs. Expect 8-12 goals with 18-23 assists the rest of the season if Forsberg can get his visa situation taken care of soon.