Mark Teixeira will not waive his no trade clause

Talking to reporters on Saturday, Mark Teixeira told Andrew Marchand that he will not be waiving his full no-trade clause, trying to put rumors to rest in the unlikely hood that Albert Pujols could end up a Yankee.

Analysis: “I’m not going anywhere,” Teixeira said as Yankees position players reported on Saturday. “I got that no-trade for a reason. I’m going to be buried in these pinstripes. You know what, I would be disappointed if the fans of New York weren’t looking to make our team better, but they’ve just got to know I’m not leaving.”  While thats all fine and dandy, the real question is which Teixeira will appear during the first half of the season.  As we all know, Teixeira put up horrible numbers and didn’t break out of the slump until around 2/3rd of the season was already over.

Projection: Tex is safe to draft in all formats, and his hamstring sounds like it won’t be a problem.  Teixeria should put up some solid numbers for the Yankees in 2011 that we are used to seeing from him.

Author: Brant Tedeschi

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