Rajon Rondo is Not Playing Up to His Potential

Rajon Rondo started the year off hot, putting up ridiculous assist numbers, but he’s struggled a lot recently and kills you in a lot of fantasy categories.

Analysis: Rondo was so terrific early in the season that any of his misgivings were completely offset by how good he was at everything else. Now with Rondo playing poorly, and not even putting up the assist or steal numbers we’ve grown accustomed to, his weaknesses are just that much more glaring. On the season Rondo is shooting 49% from the field, which is great for a point guard, but in his last 10 games Rondo has only shot 36% from the field. When you combine that with his notoriously bad FT% you have a player that is absolutely killing your percentage categories. Rondo is averaging a little over 8 assists a game, which is a respectable number for most guards, but not Rondo. I believe that given his talent, and the talent on his roster their is no reason for him not to average over 12 assists a game. He’s averaging close to that with 11.5 assists per game on the season. Rondo’s small points totals are also down in this recent stretch, going from 13 a game on the season to 7 a game in his last 10.

Projection: Rondo is not helping your fantasy team right now. Consider benching him until he gets back in the groove. It seems like losing Perkins had more of an effect on Rondo than anyone could have anticipated. If Rondo isn’t dishing out crazy assist numbers and stealing balls left, right, and center, than he is a lousy fantasy option.

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