Hump is Playing the Best Basketball of his Life

Kris Humphries has been up and down for years now, mostly down, but he has finally figured out the game of basketball in recent weeks.

Analysis: Humphries has always been a solid per minute rebounder, but was never able to do enough other things to keep himself on the court. He was prone to fits where he thought he could score like Jordan, but this obviously wasn’t the case. Playing with a great point guard, in Deron Williams, seems to have revitalized his career. In his last 10 games Hump is shooting 55% from the field, putting up 15 points a game, and ripping down 16 boards a game. These numbers are pretty damn impressive, especially when you consider his career numbers. Hump has averaged an unimpressive 4.6 boards and 5.6 points a game on his career. This season was already an improvement with Hump averaging just shy of a double double every game, but his recent play makes him a must have fantasy option (at least for now). When you throw in the fact that he’s averaging 2 blocks a game in his last 10 games stretch Hump has a lot of value to offer your team. I think there are two significant factors that are finally allowing Hump to blossom. The first is playing with one of the best point guards in the league, and the second is the simple nature of finally getting enough minutes to put up some stats. He has averaged 39 minutes per game in his last 10 games.

Projection: As long as Deron is in New Jersey and Hump doesn’t start trying to do too much he is a great fantasy option. Ride the Hump, at least for now.

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