October 31st Weekly Release Notes

Happy Halloween all.  This weeks release notes involve many critical bug fixes and a few tweaks to Player Alerts.  This marks the first week that Player Alerts have been live.  The accuracy has been tweaked throughout the week, but overall I am quite pleased.  So, onto the full release notes:

  • NHL scoring data was screwed up and has been fixed.
  • I’ve created a way to better handle scoring data screwups from now on. Should make my life easier.
  • NHL depth charts have been tweaked
  • Major bug to syncing fantasy leagues has been fixed
  • Depth chart accuracy check has been put into place for ALL sports, and should work smoothly for the coming months
  • ESPN NHL transactions have been fixed.  Previously no data was being collected.  All leagues should be working 100% now.
  • Vaclav Prospal scoring data has been added, thanks Henry.
  • Player Alerts email cooldown period reduced to 12, down from 24.  This means that you can be alerted of a new player alert 12hrs after the previous one.  24 hours seemed to be too long because an injury report could be announced within that timeframe and you’d miss it.
  • Player Alerts are now sent from “FantasySP” instead of my name. As my wife pointed out, people might have no idea who I am.  However, replying to the Player Alert still comes to me.

Author: Brant Tedeschi

I'm Brant Tedeschi, a web developer and entrepreneur, from New Jersey with a degree in history from Monmouth University. I've been developing start-ups for the past 6 years and am the founder and lead developer of FantasySP. Follow me on Twitter or Google+

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