Selling High- Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby returns to action Monday night against the Islanders after a ten month layoff.

Analysis: The window to sell high in Sidney Crosby’s case may be rather short. We do not know how his body will react nor do we know if any opposing teams will head hunt the overrated center. What we do know is that with all the hype surrounding Crosby at the moment, the intelligent play here is to sell him. Yes, when he suits up he is a top five fantasy player but how often will he suit up this year? The Pens have sixty-two games remaining on their schedule and if Crosby cannot play in at least fifty games then his top five to ten value will go out the window.

It is unpredictable how Crosby will acclimate back into a rigorous NHL schedule and with the nature of concussions I do not expect Crosby to play in more than forty games. Now is the time to capitalize on the hype of his return and land an elite, reliable player. After all, Crosby is only scheduled for twelve minutes of ice time Monday night and with four games this week it is likely that he will miss a game or two.

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