Pick Up Toby Gerhart

Adrian Peterson is most likely out for Minnesota’s week twelve matchup with Atlanta as the fantasy world turns its attention to Toby Gerhart .

Analysis: While the injury to Adrian Peterson is not as severe as once thought, high ankle sprains do tend to linger. Even if Peterson was somehow able to go next Sunday, why risk it? At 2-8, the Vikes are going nowhere this year and there is no point to putting the top back in the league out there.

Toby Gerhart who is available in well over ninety-seven percent of fantasy leagues is the logical fantasy replacement for Peterson. He should be in line for a solid chunk of carries in week twelve. He’s physical enough to be playing in goal line situations and he is one fresh back at this point in the season.

It isn’t all good when it comes to Gerhart’s potential this week and beyond. Atlanta is second in the NFL is rushing yards allowed and seventh in yards per carry against. Atlanta is at home and if they can put the Vikes in a hole early- it will not be a good fantasy day for Gerhart. Either way, he is an absolute must pick up this week. Start him at your own discretion.

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