December 12th Weekly Release Notes

This release is a little light as much of the work this week is put towards something new that I am not yet ready to release. Stay tuned, as I expect it to be done within the next two weeks.

Here are the remaining changes:

  • Mobile Fantasy Spotlight Revamped.  Instead of the “Top 3” on mobile it is now referred to as Spotlight to keep things in sync with the desktop version.  It also includes a brief summary on each player
  • The Florida Marlins are now the Miami Marlins
  • Podslice integration added to NFL player pages.  Podslice finds podcasts from ESPN, CBS, etc and cuts to the part about each specific player.
  • Bugfix for duplicate ESPN transactions (thanks wtappp)
  • Player Trends are now red
  • Fantasy Team Ratings bugfix for the graph of “full roster” (thanks Alex)

Author: Brant Tedeschi

I'm Brant Tedeschi, a web developer and entrepreneur, from New Jersey with a degree in history from Monmouth University. I've been developing start-ups for the past 6 years and am the founder and lead developer of FantasySP. Follow me on Twitter or Google+

2 thoughts on “December 12th Weekly Release Notes”

    1. Thanks for the suggestion…Certainly sounds like a good idea to me.  I’ll add it to my to-do-list and will probably have it added before Christmas.

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