Football Fantasy Assistant Updates

A major new release (version 5.x) to the Fantasy Assistant has just gone live. This update applies to both FantasSP users and CBSSports App Users.  It includes loads of goodies, but here are the main features/changes:

  • DST Support Added – Defense / Special Teams now have stats and waiver wire suggestions.  There are a lot of useful and unique stats that are collected and analyzed.  I encourage all users to dive into their breakdowns.
  • High Risk Waiver Wire Suggestions Enabled – High Risk suggestions have been a work in progress for some time and have finally been turned on.  Low Risk suggestions will be released next week.
  • 2012 Stats – All stats are now using the 2012 season.  However, it also will look back at the 2011 season for analysis.
  • iPad /Safari Fix – A major issue affecting iPad/Safari and some Internet Explorer users has been fixed.  This fixes the “Please refresh your browser” error affecting CBSSports App users.  Thanks to everyone who has been so patient until I could fix this.
  • Yearly Comparison Changes – All players now have yearly comparisons easily visible alongside their player stats.  Yearly comparisons work by comparing the current point in the season to the same time last season.  So right now you can compare how a player has done in week 1 this season vs week 1 last season.  This gets updated on a weekly basis.

I have even more features planned for the Fantasy Assistant.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks as these are gradually rolled out.

Author: Brant Tedeschi

I'm Brant Tedeschi, a web developer and entrepreneur, from New Jersey with a degree in history from Monmouth University. I've been developing start-ups for the past 6 years and am the founder and lead developer of FantasySP. Follow me on Twitter or Google+

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