More NFL Fantasy Assistant Enhancements

Today marks two major additions to the Fantasy Assistant. The first additional feature is on the player news front.  As you know, FantasySP collects and sorts news from hundreds of top sources.  The goal is to give you the most thorough player news possible to help you make informed decisions.  This is great, but the Fantasy Assistant only let you read the latest article.  No more!  You are now able to flip through dozens of news articles while doing research on your players right inside the Fantasy Assistant or Trade Analyzer.  Click on their “News” link or tab and browse around to view more articles.  Then simply click on the source link to view the article in its entirety.

Viewing Vincent Jackson’s news. Note the Prev | Next links.

The second major feature addition involves Flex Options.  These are positions that let you start a RB or WR, TE or WR, etc on your team.  Now the Fantasy Assistant will suggest waiver wire pickups for these flex positions.

New Flex Options!

Author: Brant Tedeschi

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