Analyze your fantasy team based on positions

A major update just went live on the Fantasy Assistant involving position based analysis.  I wanted to take a minute to talk about why it’s important and what it means down the line.

NBA position based analysis
NBA position based analysis

As of today, version 1.0 of position based analysis is live on the site.  Expect lots of improvements moving forward, but for now your screen should look similar to the screenshot to the right.

To see position based on analysis in the fantasy assistant, simply select any fantasy team. (the green button)

The picture you see on the right is based off my fantasy basketball team as of March 13th 2013.  My team is broken down into Guards, Forwards, and Centers.

Each sport will have their own unique positional breakdowns.  Baseball and football will show six total categories.  Hockey will show four.

Position Colors

Each position is associated with a color: green, orange, or red.  Ideally it would be great to see that I am strong in all of my positions and all of them in green.  However, there are no green colors shown because there is no position that my team is performing exceptionally well in.  In fact, my team is performing terribly in the forwards position and I rank dead last.  (I suppose that’s what happens when Kevin Love goes down with an injury.)

Blue Graph

The second thing you’ll notice is the blue line underneath each ranking.  The blue line shows how that position rating has changed over time.  Each day we calculate position based analysis for your team and every other synced team in your league.

Ideally you would like to see the graph trending upwards.  A graph trending upwards means that your ratings are increasing.  In my particular case it looks as though all of my position ratings are going down.  Needless to say I am in some serious trouble here.

As you may or may not know, we already provide team by team analysis based on starting lineup and full roster.  With the addition of position based analysis we are now able to show you key areas on your team that need improvement.  You can also browse to other teams in your league to see their strong and weak spots.

The Future

This new feature is ONLY available to paying members of the site (or our CBSSports app).    If you are interested in trying out the fantasy assistant then sign up now for a free 7 day trial.

Position based analysis is an important step towards a new feature that is coming later this month.   I can’t reveal what it is quite yet, but I will say that it is the most requested feature by our users.  I decided to break things down into two separate updates because position based analysis is awesome in its own right.

Stay tuned!

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