Buying Low- Pedro Alvarez

Pedro Alvarez recorded his first home run of the season Thursday against the Atlanta Braves. He is currently hitting .104 this season with a .204 OBP.

Analysis: Pedro Alvarez is already available in half of fantasy leagues due to his poor start. This is just another example of impatient fantasy owners making mistakes early on. Alvarez hit 30 home runs with 85 RBI in 2012. This year he isn’t seeing many fastballs, very similar to what Ryan Howard had to endure a few years ago. Alvarez will pull through and when his power resurfaces expect home runs in bunches.

I understand that many owners are concerned with his slow start but history is on his side. At this point last season Alvarez only had 2 home runs and 2 RBI to go along with a .107 batting average. Also at this point last season Alvarez was available in over 95% of leagues and he finished as the 16th rated roto third baseman and 22nd in all of baseball with 30 bombs. Just like Alfonso Soriano you have to be patient with him.

Placido Polanco and Josh Donaldson are fine options in deeper leagues at third but not at the expense of Alvarez.

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